Feel free to have a look at my dolls and dolls' clothes I am making by hand. All of them is one of a kind, that makes these doll's very special. For every child another doll, as also each child is different.

If you would like to buy a Caroline&Co doll you are invited to place a custom order. Let me know your wishes such as size of the doll, colour and style of the hair, colour of the eyes, clothes and prefered colours for the clothes.
Every doll takes a complete outfit with him/her, which includes underwear, dress, trousers, shoes, hat and jumper.

I only work with natural fibres like wool, cotton, mohair etc. Also clothes and shoes are made of natural materials.
To place a custom order contact me via e-mail: caroline _ calis @ freemail.hu

2 megjegyzés:

Theresa írta...

i love your dolls.
they are very special.
so beautiful.

Caroline Calis írta...

Hi Theresa! Thank you for your kind note, it is really appreciated!